Beach weddings
Beach weddings
Say I Do At Your Dream Location In Florida!
Say I Do At Your  Dream Location In Florida!

Elope in Tampa Bay

Happy Couples Celebrating the Ceremony of their Dreams with Florida Destination Weddings


Whether the loving couple is hoping for a romantic elopement on the beach at sunset or a lavish oceanside ceremony, FL Destination Weddings has the tools and experience to help clients get hitched without a hitch in Clearwater Beach, Florida. 



Florida Destination Weddings offers all-inclusive beach wedding packages tailored to meet the needs of everyone, from couples eloping in Florida to large destination wedding groups and local couples. With more than 30 years of experience helping people build their dream weddings, the company has facilitated countless ceremonies to help happy couples start their lives together. 


“At Florida Destination Weddings, we are proud of how easy it is to have a wedding with us here in the great state of Florida,” company founders said. “We only use our own staff, no subcontractors, unlike most of the other wedding companies.”


Planning the perfect beach wedding doesn’t have to take months. With the help of the expert team at FL Destination Weddings, the happy couple can walk down the aisle in just a few days. All packages include a minister and a professional photographer. 


Beach wedding packages for every budget and style


From beach elopement packages starting at $399 to all-inclusive Florida beach wedding and mini reception packages at $4,000 and everything in between, FL Destination Weddings has the connections to pull it all off with tasteful elegance. A wedding consultant works with each couple to build their beach wedding package. Whether the couple wants to say their vows alone to the accompaniment of the waves or oceanside in front of all their friends and family, Florida Destination Weddings can make it happen. 


“To make your life as stress-free as possible, we come to you, so if you book a beach hotel, villa, condo, or house, we can set up right there on the beach for you,” FL Destination Weddings founders said. “So, all you have to do on the day is relax, get dressed, and walk out to us. We will already be set up and waiting to go.”



Say “I do” with an ocean backdrop


While FL Destination Weddings does travel all over Florida for clients, most weddings take place on Clearwater Beach, which was voted America’s best beach three years in a row. The company employs a team of expertly trained professional wedding photographers with experience shooting thousands of beach weddings. The company’s photographers know how to compose stunning images and keep a strict schedule to ensure the best possible pictures. Photographers also leave copies of the unedited images with the couple before leaving. 


Streamlining the beach wedding process


Planning the perfect beach wedding has never been easier. At FL Destination Weddings, merely pay the $250 retainer fee, choose a ceremony, sign the contract, and apply for a marriage license. The company will confirm all plans two weeks before the wedding date, and the balance is due ten days before the ceremony. 


“It’s just that easy,” the founders said. “A walk on the beach. We are here to help guide and make planning your dream beach wedding in Florida as easy as possible.”





To learn more about FL Destination Weddings or to book a date, visit the website or connect on social media at Facebook


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Country: United States


Planning a beach wedding in Florida



Now when you are engaged with your beloved one, the preparation process begins. And the core point is the place where you aim to say ‘I do’. The variety of breathtaking destinations only makes a choice more challenging.


Browsing different places, you will definitely come upon beach weddings in Florida. Seeing this once, you will fall in love with the location forever. Whity-white sand, crystal-clear blue water, delicious cuisine and many more advantages to gifting you and your guest with an exceptional beach wedding experience.


Still, what does it embrace to organize a wedding on the Florida coastline? You should consider many things, from the venue to the ceremony procedure and even weather conditions. So, to facilitate your life and help you conduct a lifetime wedding, we have created a detailed wedding planning guide. Let’s dive into it!


Before choosing the celebration type, it is worth finding out what the ceremony actually takes. The most pleasant news is that to get married in Florida is as easy as pie and you may do it by a notary public.

You should apply to any county clerk’s office to obtain a marriage license. However, it is better to check out the county site where you’ve decided to tie the knot to get more info. Acquaint yourself with the following requirements to register a marriage in Florida.

  • Both parties must be of legal age. To be aware of exceptions, look through Florida Marriage Statute.
  • A couple has to present IDs with valid photos and social security numbers.
  • It is not necessary to provide blood test results here.
  • Take into account the mandatory 3-day waiting period after getting a license to conduct the ceremony. It occurs you can’t provide documentation approving you underwent a state premarital course.
  • The license will expire in 60 days.
  • Be ready to pay the fee of $93.50 unless you haven’t completed a marriage prep course.


The next essential step is to make up your mind where the event takes place. It all depends on your preferences and, of course, budget.


If you may fork out, the private beach wedding is a perfect choice. You will enjoy your day without outside distractions and undesired onlookers. Typically, apart from direct access to the beach, you will get incredible seclusion and plenty of space while hosting the wedding at a restaurant, resort, hotel, club, etc. However, when it comes to private beach permits, it might be quite challenging and expensive. So, in this case, you’d better hire a wed planner to make everything go smoothly.


Don’t worry if you are on a limited budget. A public beach is also a fantastic celebration spot. Florida has many to choose from, so you will doubtless find your cup of tea. Although you can meet the problem of occasional passersby and some background noise, this won’t hurt to hold a memorable ceremony by the sea.


There is no right answer regarding the hottest Florida beach to tie the knot. Each one is special in its own way and has pros and cons. Thus, the best practice would be to consult a wedding planning specialist or to do in-depth online research to pick the best-fitting coastline.


No less crucial stands the time of year and weather conditions for getting married on the Florida coastline. Think thoroughly and pay attention to all factors that could influence before selecting a day.


From June through November, hurricane season covers Florida, but this doesn’t exclude these months entirely. April and November have the slightest rainfall and the calmest weather with no violent storms. But heavy rains and massive tourist crowds occur from June to September. So, it’s better to focus on April-May days.


As for the Florida weather, it is pretty variable. If you are dreaming of a beach celebration, you will likely be under constant stress due to the weather conditions. That way, try to monitor the preferred location weather forecast and find out if the place offers shelter for you and your guests in case of storminess. Ideally, you should have a backup plan for sudden troubles.

  1. Wedding Outfit

It goes without saying that it’s private business how to dress up on a special day, but beach weddings in Florida are famous for their carefree and relaxed style. It’s just a sin not to play along with it.


With a tender, flowy, wind-fluttering dress, casual veil (or none at all) and flat-soled sandals, you will come the trendiest Florida bride. For the groom, nothing will fit better than a lightweight linen suit. It might create even more cozy vibes if the couple is barefoot throughout the ceremony.


Be sure to let the guests know about wed dress code. Not only will you attain stunningly styled pics, but you ensure people with comfort during the whole celebration.

  1. Travel Costs

Whether you are a Florida resident or a traveller, travel expenses are required to count in wedding planning. The guests are supposed to purchase the ticket, so you must inform them about the airfare costs in advance.


Don’t also forget about the hotel stays. If you can afford to book rooms for the guests, try to make it beforehand. Thus, it’s possible to get a hefty discount. In case you have no possibility to book guests’ rooms, let them know about these extra costs.

  1. Craft the Website

It is the most efficient way to provide everyone with details of your celebration. You can make it highly useful by updating it with info on travel expenses, hotels and nearby attractions. Publish a wedding events timeline and suggested dress code to keep people know what to expect. Moreover, you may include a gift list here to alleviate guests’ lives.


It doesn’t take being a tech expert to create a wedding site. Luckily, the Internet is full of various simple templates to utilize or you may resort to web designer services to craft something unique.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, each wedding is different, and there are no universal rules suitable for all. Still, sticking to our top advice, you will arrange a paradisal beach wedding in Florida. No matter how big you are going to celebrate, this list will surely help you plan your special day at its best.

Planning Your Beach Wedding



The idea of getting married in a beautiful place like the beach has always been attractive. Beach weddings have a very romantic and elegant feel about them. They can be a lot of fun as well. The first thing that you will need to do is to find a great place to get married. You can do this by going to Fl Destination Weddings which have been doing beach weddings for over 30 years. They can point you in the right direction for finding the perfect place.

Once you have found a location that you like, you will want to make sure that it is available for the date that you would like to get married. This is important because some locations only offer certain dates for their ceremonies. It is best to check with Fl Destination Weddings before you book anything.

After you have booked your ceremony at the location that you want, you will want to make arrangements to hold the reception. You will need to talk to Fl Destination Weddings who can help with local restaurants, dinner cruises, hotels etc. Once you have confirmed that the location will allow you to hold the reception, you will want to get all of the details together. You will need to discuss the details of the reception with the location to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

If you are having a beach wedding, you will need to decide what kind of attire you will be wearing. You should probably wear something that is light-colored so that you can easily take off your clothes when you get out of the water. There are many different styles that you can choose from, but you will want to keep in mind that you will be standing in the sand and getting wet. You will also want to make sure that you wear comfortable shoes. If you are wearing a suit, you will want to make certain that it is made of a material that is easy to take off.

You will also need to plan your honeymoon after the ceremony. This will be one of the most important things that you will have to plan. You will want to make sure that you get enough time to spend together after the ceremony. You will want to take advantage of the wonderful weather and the beaches. You can go for walks along the beach, take long drives through the area, or just relax and enjoy the scenery. Clearwater Beach offer so many choices.

You will want to make sure that you hire Fl Destination Weddings to ensure that your event runs easily as we make the day go as smoothly as possible. If you do not have any family members who can help you with the planning.  We have the Officiant, Photographer, and day of coordinator all included for you to make life as stress-free as possible.


We look forward to making memories with you.

call us at 844 581 7427 

Weddings on the Beach


When deciding upon a beach wedding in Florida, you must also consider the weather. If you're looking for something beautiful and secluded, look into holding it outdoors. An outdoor beach wedding will allow you to choose the time of day, weather, and tide patterns to take your wedding memories to the next level. If you're looking for something that's still traditional, but modern and romantic, consider holding your ceremony on the beach in Florida

The first suggestion is to consider when you want to get married. If you're looking for something exotic, consider a Florida beach wedding. 

The next suggestion is to consider the building's guest capacity. What is the number one factor when considering the guest capacity for a hotel? The guest capacity. If your hotel doesn't have enough rooms, you're going to have a problem. Another tip is to go around the building and look for rooms that seem like they might be available. You never know what will happen. You might be able to find a room that's actually being booked. What's the number one thing that hotel staff will look for? The list goes on and on. I hope that you'll consider the guest's capacity when choosing your location. You'll find that hotel staff isn't going to be as concerned with decorum and formality as they are with the space available. It's going to be a great location if you pick it. But you need to consider the size and capacity of the hotel. A lot of times they'll give you a specific room and they'll turn it into a wedding. You won't have room for everyone. This is another thing to consider. Be sure to take into consideration the guest's capacity.

Another tip is to know how to decorate for your beach wedding. I highly recommend that you take a little bit from an outdoor wedding and a lot from an indoor wedding. When planning your beach wedding, I recommend using a professional company such as Fl Destination Weddings who have been planning beach weddings in Florida for over 25 years and are all 5 stars rated, using only their own staff for every event no outside contractors. When planning your beach wedding, I highly recommend using an arch for the backdrop as while the Ocean is the main backdrop then the arch creates a focal point for your simple beach wedding. This is for your guests to get enjoy your event. Talk with Fl Destination weddings so they can guide you to the best locations, will be beach be busy? does it require a permit? They are based and specialize in Clearwater Beach weddings.

You'll find that most hotels are going to charge you a lot more for catering than you will for a local restaurant. I'm not saying that you should have to use a wedding caterer, but you may be able to save some money.

You can find just about any type of menu that you want. Florida Destination weddings does provide a list in their welcome packet of a list of great restaurants that will host your dinner or lunch afterward, most will have live music if you wish to dance. All are within just a few minutes of the Clearwater Beach wedding location.

My recommendation is to look for everything that you want.  The wedding packages that Florida  Destination Weddings offer are all totally customizable for you from the ala carte section at the bottom of their price list page, so YOU can control the budget remove anything you don’t like, and add only the things that are really important to you


So when planning your wedding on a beach in Florida contact Fl Destination Weddings at 844 581 7427





The perfect venue for a wedding





If planning your wedding locally sounds stressful you might think that planning destination weddings would be harder. Not at all if anything it’s easier to have a beach wedding in Florida.


Think  there are fewer arrangements to make, your beach wedding dress will certainly cost less,

They are simpler to plan, so with our all-inclusive wedding packages a Destination Wedding makes the whole process more affordable.


With the Gulf as a backdrop, we enhance the stunning beachfront wedding venue outdoors by adding romantic details that create an elegant setting for your ceremony giving you the most affordable wedding venue of all.


With remarkable views and year-round sunshine Florida is one of the most popular venues for a wedding in the USA. Whether your planning an elopement or a celebration with family beach weddings offer the best wedding venues outdoors.


Once you have the ideal location for your outdoor wedding, we can design a wedding in a budget for you and have lots of destination wedding ideas to create a turnkey solution to make wedding planning easy and effortless for all of our couples. From the basic elopement to our all-inclusive venue for a wedding, our affordable wedding packages include ceremony design and décor, minister, photography, and delivery of your Florida Marriage license after the wedding.

And our onsite wedding event coordinator will ensure every detail of your beach wedding comes together seamlessly.


We are dedicated to providing the wedding of your dreams, at the ultimate venue for a wedding on the beach in Florida overlooking the ocean, to feel the sand between your toes and the ocean breeze gently blowing through your hair. We can make this a reality for you here at Fl destination Weddings in 5 simple steps:


  1. choose your location
  2. pick a date and time
  3. pick your beach wedding package from our site
  4. pick your ceremony vow choice
  5. pay your retainer.


Our affordable wedding packages are intentionally designed to enhance the love and enjoyment of your special day by eliminating the stress of planning a destination beach wedding.


We have partnered with many local vendors to help plan your perfect wedding venue outdoors and give you the best resources. You will have many questions please reach out to us 7 days a week 8 am to 8 pm .  We look forward to Making Memories with you.


If your planning a Cheap wedding- elopement we have packages from $299 including minister and photographer to our all-inclusive wedding packages Clearwater Florida where we are based including a mini reception at $4000  we have a package for you. All our wedding packages are totally customizable to give you exactly what you are looking for.  All our packages come with everything you need to make your special day extraordinary.  Choose the package and then the options that make it unique for you everything will then be taken care of by us to give you a stress-free day. 


After all, we have the Ultimate wedding venues in Florida…. The Fabulous gulf beaches. 


Beach Wedding Plans


Affordable Florida beach weddings, Eloping in Florida, and beach vow renewals are a popular choice for couples looking to embrace a modern wedding. Beach wedding packages take some of the guesswork out of the planning process as they already include many of the elements which can be brought together on the big day. It’s the ultimate Venue for a wedding

To save on travel costs to Florida, Floridians have turned to the resort towns along the coast for a less expensive alternative. Beach Weddings are a perfect way to create that perfect, intimate affair that everyone is searching for. A beach wedding package will include the ceremony and reception at a nearby resort with all the extras in between.

If you are looking for a romantic break from the normal routine then this may be the way to go. The wedding ceremony will include photos with the wedding party at a local resort, then it's off to the beach for cocktails and dancing at a popular destination club or to a hotel for breakfast followed by a buffet breakfast and cocktails at the beach. If you prefer a smaller event, then you can even stay in the hotel for dinner and drinks before moving back out onto the beach for dancing at a popular beach restaurant.

After your wedding reception, you can enjoy your honeymoon in the sun without having to endure a long drive home.

A lot of couples like to get back out on the sand shortly after their wedding breakfast for a stroll on the beach before heading out on the town. For a less formal way to celebrate your marriage you may prefer to stay at the Hotel and Resort and have all the services offered in-house. This is a great option if you are getting married in a less formal atmosphere then a hotel ballroom. The hotel can create a unique atmosphere for you and your family before you all head out on a trip.



7 Unique Ideas For the Bride's Bouquet


The bride's bouquet is an essential part of the wedding. It is something that brides will want to hold onto forever after the wedding. This is why it needs to be unique, memorable and very beautiful. A bride's bouquet is the most sentimental item to have from the wedding. It will remind the bride of the special day many a times for years to come.

So how are you as a bride to decide what bouquet to have? Here are a few ideas that may help you.

1. The bouquet should be a blend of both colors. The color scheme of the wedding should be reflected in the bouquet. For example if the wedding is white and elegant, then the bride's bouquet should be white also.

2. The bouquet will usually be single flower type. This is because there are many reception centers these days. A single flower type is easier and more practical for this type of reception.

3. The bouquet will need to include a flower that reminds the bride of her groom. There are many single flower type flowers. However, many people want to carry a bouquet that is like their own. So, it is better to incorporate some other single flowers.

4. The bouquet will contain many different types of flowers to represent and represent the bride, like her family. As a matter of fact, the bouquet is always a representation of the groom.
5. The bouquet will usually be made up of the most expensive type of flowers to show the wealth of the bride.

6. The bouquet will be designed to hold something besides the flowers which is very important to hold. For example a simple bouquet is perfect for a wedding of a very poor lady. If a simple bouquet is chosen then it will not hold anything.

7. The bouquet does not have to be very big. There will be some women like the bouquet has a size and shape like the ones used by the rich ladies.

These ideas should help you decide what bouquet to choose after the wedding is over.



The new wedding trend that is Sweeping  America

How to relieve stress and look Radient for your wedding.


My wedding day was one of the best times of my life, and I want the same for you. Too many brides get stressed about the dress, the reception, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the flowers, the music, the cake, and the cake topper! With a million details swimming in their heads, it’s no wonder that some brides break out in acne or hives, while others end up crying over hors d'oeuvres choices.

But there is a healthy, safe way to de-stress and make sure you look your best on your wedding day: Cannabidiol, or as you likely know it, CBD oil. Before we get started on the benefits of CBD oil, I want to clarify what it is and where it comes from: pure CBD oil from a hemp plant does NOT have a psychoactive effect (meaning it won’t get you high) and is legal in all 50 states - though I have to advise all readers to be aware of local laws. Cannabis, marijuana, and hemp are often lumped together, but the hemp plant - which I am describing here - has less than 0.3 percent THC (the compound that creates an intoxicating high), while marijuana is legally defined as cannabis, and has greater than 0.3 percent THC.

As a doctor who’s practiced medicine for nearly thirty years, I’m here to tell you that CBD oil is one of the healthiest, most natural ways to achieve healthy, radiant skin. Here are some reasons why I say CBD oil will help give you a wedding-ready glow:

1. Full of Antioxidants

Antioxidants help detox our bodies from “free radicals,” the everyday pathogens and carcinogens that can literally suck the life out of you. Foods like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, potatoes, beans, apples, and dark chocolate are loaded with antioxidants - and so is CBD! So enjoy some delicious fruit and a bit of dark chocolate, then find a good source of CBD to protect your skin from the harm caused by everyday toxins.

2. Great Source of Vitamins D and E

Vitamins D and E have been associated with nourishing and protecting all skin types, and CBD oil is packed with them. These vitamins help restore your skin health by adding elasticity. I encourage you to find foods that are full of these vitamins, but also consider CBD because it has so many other healthy properties, as you will see... 

3. Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The National Institute of Health has reported: “A deficiency of essential fatty acids—either omega-3s or omega-6s—can cause rough, scaly skin and dermatitis.” We know that we can get omega-3s from fish and other foods, but CBD oil is also rich in these vital nutrients. A topical CBD oil cream can deliver all the omega-3s you need for a beautiful wedding-ready glow!

4. An All-Natural Antibacterial

You likely recall from health class that your skin is your largest organ, and our first line of defense against toxins and germs. That’s a big, important job! We can help our skin out by bolstering our immune systems with natural antibiotics available in your local grocery store, like garlic, honey, thyme, and oregano. These are known for their abilities to fight bacterial infections from the inside out, and CBD acts in the same way, by fighting bacteria on our skin and in our bodies. CBD oil can be taken orally, or as a skin cream to help fight bacteria – because sick skin is so NOT in!  

5. Cell Rejuvenation

Did you know that each of us also has an “endocannabinoid system” that creates its own cannabinoids? That’s right - your body is ALREADY working to create the same health effects that the cannabis plant provides. Unfortunately, some people have systems that do not perform well, and this is when CBD supplements can help jumpstart a failing endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system plays a huge role in the life cycle of basal cells, which make up the inner layer of the epidermis. For basal cells to stay healthy, they must go through a growth cycle, where old cells are discarded and new cells grow. By manipulating the endocannabinoid system, you can regulate the life cycle of basal cells, leaving you with more youthful, radiant skin. Our overall health - including our skin health - relies on our ability to grow new cells and discard dead ones, and topical application of CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system to deliver natural cannabinoids to the receptors in our body, which leads to cell - and skin - rejuvenation


Contact for all your CBD needs


Beach weddings, outdoor weddings are the new trend

Outdoor Beach weddings

Jul 22, 2020
  • Clearwater Beach weddings
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Wedding Planner Blog

FL Destination Weddings Makes Destination Weddings in Florida Possible


Clearwater, FL - Weddings are a life-event, a celebration of many more fruitful years to come. For many, making the day a perfect one has become an obsession. However, achieving this goal requires help and this is why FL Destination Weddings offers brides and couples all of the attention and help needed to pull off a destination wedding in style.


With help from the team at FL Destination Weddings, couples who are planning their weddings and already married couples who are planning a renewal of vows, amongst others, can get the wedding of their dreams with no hassles associated.


The team at FL Destination Weddings embodies the stress and struggles associated with planning, hatching, and executing the perfect destination wedding while making sure that couples are not only proud of the event but enjoy the best start to a forever after.


Mike Jones, the spokesperson for the company offering Affordable destination weddings all inclusive Clearwater Beach, FL said, “We offer beach wedding packages to suit all budgets all over the state of Florida. If you are planning a beach wedding in Florida, we can help. We have been in business for over 25 years and only use our staff and no subcontractors. With our destination wedding packages, we can create the wedding of your dreams here in the sunshine state. We come to you at your hotel to set up our beach weddings in Florida. We only use our staff to ensure no subcontractors or strangers at your wedding, vow renewal or anniversary.”


Aiming to deliver the perfect Destination weddings on the beach Clearwater Beach to couples, the team at FL Destination Weddings goes the extra mile by providing the professional wedding photography services needed by the couples to capture fleeting memories of their big day and turn it into one that will last a lifetime.


Their company also releases the copyright-free photographs to clients at the end of the event so that they can download, print, or email them with no problems.


Whether couples are interested in Clearwater Beach weddings or have other plans in mind, the team at FL Destination Weddings travels all over the state and is ready to meet with each client to ensure that their perfect day is properly planned out.


FL Destination Weddings is located on Clearwater Beach and covers most of the State. For inquiries, contact their team by calling 844-581-7427 or send an email to For additional information regarding their services, visit the company’s website.



Outdoor weddings will be more popular in 2022


From the Huffington Post


The social distancing measures put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19 have made the large, conventional weddings we’re accustomed to unfeasible for the foreseeable future.

Couples who were set to get married in 2020 and 2021 have been forced to alter their plans in significant ways to ensure the safety of their guests once bigger gatherings are permitted again. Still, guest counts may remain on the smaller side even after restrictions are eased. 

“This pandemic is now a part of their wedding story,” Lori Stephenson, founder of Lola Event Productions in Chicago, told HuffPost. “No one wanted that, but it’s best to get comfortable with it and make the most of the challenges at hand.” 

Wedding professionals are busy trying to figure out how to adjust their protocols to comply with changing public health guidelines. We asked several planners to predict what weddings might look like in the next year or so while we’re still living in a socially distanced world. 

1. Say goodbye to passed apps and display food stations at cocktail hour. 

“Instead of a beautiful mountain of delicious cheeses and meats, it will be curated small plates that are portioned for one person or a couple to share,” said planner Jove Meyer of Jove Meyer Events in New York City. “But no longer will it be a grazing station for all to touch and interact with.”

In some cases, the cocktail hour may be cut entirely, Stephenson said. If a couple does opt for one, you won’t find large groups of guests congregating together for long face-to-face conversations

Instead, you might see “layouts with more small seating groups or even fun graphic details on the floors that can showcase a 6-foot space between occupants,” she added. 

2. Dinner will be plated rather than buffet or family style. 

“Caterers will focus on serving food that is pre-portioned per individual, not sharable, to limit the hands that touch it to the person eating it,” Meyer said. 

To prevent contamination, you may also see more disposable utensils and cups, said Los Angeles planner Paige Blatt of Geller Events,

3. Receptions will be shorter and may not include dancing. 

You may not be able to tear up the dance floor in the way you imagined — or at all. Once the drinking starts, it could be harder to maintain a safe social distance and keep your mask on. Plus, shouting and singing along to loud music emits respiratory droplets.

“I don’t see wedding days lasting as long as they typically do,” said Summer McLane of My Simply Perfect Events in Atlanta, who also runs the online school The Academy for Wedding and Event Planners. “Just a beautiful dinner and shorter celebration.” 

When dancing is possible, Blatt anticipated more line dancing “to keep people engaged and festive but with space between.”

4. Outdoor weddings will be more popular.

The risk of viral transmission is considerably lower outdoors than it is indoors because of more natural airflow and space for people to spread out. Therefore, more couples will likely tie the knot outside, Meyer said. 



Event planners share their predictions for how weddings will change in the next year. 

“I think we will see a rise in outdoor and tented weddings, as the open air component allows for less strict rules than an enclosed space,” he said.

5. Indoor weddings will be held in larger venues. 

Stephenson is urging her clients to book more spacious venues with larger capacities than they think they’ll need based on their guest count. 

“So if social distancing is still critical in the coming months, then an event is easily spread out to accommodate the party, and no guests have to be cut from the list.” 

6. There will be fewer guests per table.

Guests will likely be seated with other members of their household or other close contacts. So instead of putting your little cousins at the kids’ table, for example, you’ll seat them with your aunt and uncle. 

The tables themselves may be bigger, too, to allow for more space between guests.

Alternatively, some brides and grooms may forgo the sit-down meal and do a cocktail-style reception with many small tables instead of fewer larger ones. 

“One idea is to pass out individual charcuterie boards, and guests can eat at their own stand-up cocktail table to stay 6 feet apart,” said Los Angeles planner Debbie Geller of Geller Events

7. Face masks will be a common sight. 

It may not be what couples envisioned, but until guidelines change, guests will likely have to wear facial coverings. Brides and grooms may embrace this by providing festive options for their friends and family. 

“We will see a large trend in custom masks branded for the couple or white lace and black bow ties for a bridal or black-tie line of masks,” Blatt said.

Vendors and venue staff will wear facial coverings and perhaps gloves, too. 

“The common comment [from vendors] is, ‘I’m wearing a mask the whole day. If the client is uncomfortable, they can find a new vendor,’” McLane said. “I’ve heard this from just about every vendor. It isn’t aesthetically pleasing, but these are the times that we’re in.” 

Meyer believes plexiglass screens may be placed at the bar or in front of the band or DJ to provide an extra layer of defense. 

“They can be customized or branded to fit the design of the event, but also to protect everyone,” he said. 

8. Cleaning procedures will be more stringent.

“I think venues and caterers will work hard to clean commonly touched surfaces throughout an event, more than they have pre-COVID-19,” Meyer said.

He also believes venues may install no-touch faucets and soap and paper towel dispensers in their bathrooms and perhaps even bathroom doors with a sensor to allow for a touchless entry. 

“This pandemic is now a part of their wedding story. No one wanted that, but it’s best to get comfortable with it and make the most of the challenges at hand.”


Venue prices may increase to cover the additional cost of improvements to the facilities, as well as the additional time or staff dedicated to cleaning. 

“Couples need to insist that the venue is disinfected between each event, and when the venue gives a quote for cleaning, they should just be happy that it’s being done,” McLane said. “Also, since events will be smaller, couples can build that fee into their budget.” 

9. Hand sanitizer will be readily available. 

“Hand sanitizer stations will be common at venues and/or as favors from couples and/or hosts,” Meyer said. “We want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible, and that means extra steps will happen, many of which will be visible.”

10. Fewer vendors and staff will work the event. 

“In Chicago where we’re located, we anticipate all summer and potentially even early fall groups to be limited to 10 or less people,” Stephenson said. “That number has to include vendors, which I don’t think a lot of couples are considering.” 

That may mean trimming vendor teams to the bare minimum number of people so couples can increase their guest counts.

“This means video cameras set up on tripods without videographers, food individually packed and set up for grab-and-go, musicians or bands performing virtually on screens set up and more ceremonies performed by close friends and family rather than an officiant,” Geller said. 

11. More guests will attend virtually. 

Because of public health recommendations to limit nonessential travel and restrictions and fears about flying during a pandemic, it will be more difficult for faraway guests or those who fall into high-risk groups to attend in person. Thanks to technology, they can still be part of the day in some way. 

“More than just grandma on FaceTime, think roaming robots with screens so the guests at home can interact with those at the party in real time in a meaningful way,” Meyer said. “[Virtual guests] could also be sent special boxes with food, drinks and personalized decor so they can have the fullest experience possible remotely.” 



Destination Weddings


Traditionally, weddings possess been held in your very own home church, or in a good local
garden, as well as in some venue shut to the household connected with the groom or bride's household. But
as Us residents become more mobile, living thousands of miles from their family members
in many cases and marrying people from the other side on the country in others,
it can grown more and even more inconvenient plan this right place to have got your current
wedding. His household, or even hers? How perform family who also live throughout fifteen different cities
get here? What is major?

Rather than worrying about all these issues, more brides in addition to grooms have been opting
for location weddings. The destination wedding is a person which is centered around
receiving married for a particular area that is not with the home of either bride-to-be or
groom, usually a tropical or in any other case romantic position. This isn't very a runaway
relationship, much like the ones that accustomed to take place regularly at Niagara Falls and
the fact that continue to take place in Las Vegas; instead, from the planned wedding with visitors,
with the only big difference involving it and different weddings turning into the away-from-home

Favorite places for destination marriages include Hawaii islands, the Sc
beaches, Disneyworld, and, of course, Las Las vegas. Brides not satisfied with the
locations can consider other, more unique suggestions: marrying each other on the
yacht, Ireland, Fiji, the Bahamas, or even weddings in locations which have been significant
to the bride-to-be and groom for reasons uknown. A destination wedding can be a very
personal event.

Attributes of Location Weddings

There are many significant advantages to getting a destination wedding,
in particular if you have a good far-flung family members. For a person, it spares you from possessing to
make the determination between his city and her town; as a substitute, every person has to travel
to access your wedding, making that fair. Then, if a person have relatives you sense
selected would cause difficulties in a wedding, a new destination marriage ceremony is some sort of understated
despair for them to be able to show up, so you can apologize a lot to them when
these people protest about not being equipped to reach your wedding together with just say you had
your own personal heart set on some sort of beach wedding at Umbral, or being married while watching
falls at Niagara, or no matter what destination wedding you might have chosen.

Additionally, if right now there happen to be family clashes among bride-to-be and groom throughout legal guidelines, a
destination wedding ceremony produces the whole thing to a neutral spot. The only thing
an individual want to avoid, in cases like this, is renting some sort of massive house for everyone to be able to stay
around; better have them in separate houses!

One of the most detrimental things that happens to weddings is any time Mom takes over, trying
in order to plan the wedding intended for her child - plus sometimes son instructions for you to "make it easier"
regarding the bride. Choosing a destination wedding is a good great strategy to get purge of the
interference involving a new mother.

Destination weddings tend to be inside very romantic, often exotic, locations, which
leads to help several some other things. First and foremost, those people marriage ceremonies on this beach cause some
awesome wedding photographs, specifically if you pick your location so that you
catch the sunset. They also let a person to combine your vacation to europre with your
wedding, and you can inform reluctant family that the idea will certainly make a great reason to get
them to take a vacation in your own destination.

The surprising edge some destination marriage ceremonies offers is that they can be much
cheaper as compared to traditional weddings, if you intend all of them cautiously and choose the
appropriate destination at the most fortunate time. While the U. S. money is a good little poor
right now, the idea still has a great excellent exchange rate around certain countries. And quite a few
popular destination wedding web pages now have been taking advantage of the wedding
visitor deal by offering great deals upon wedding packages of all types.

A Florida Beach Wedding Guide.


A Florida Destination Beach Wedding 


Written by Michael Jones, with over 30 Years in the Wedding industry Michael is more than qualified to help plan, run, and help with any aspect of your wedding from planning to day of Co Ordination , He was voted President of the Bay Area Bridal Association 6 times by his piers , leading them to the largest Wedding show in the Tampa Bay Area. He owned and operated a Country Club for over 25 years doing over 200 weddings a year. His team is outstanding as he was able to pick the best of the best over the two decades at his club.


So why plan a beach wedding in Florida, why not, we have the best weather , we are based on Clearwater Beach , voted now the third year in a row, Best Beach in the whole USA .


We can and do of course travel all over the State of Florida, but its here on Clearwater beach that we do most of our weddings, at this time no permit is required , unlike a lot of beaches who have seen a tremendous jump in the number of beach weddings over the past 5 years and so the local Cities are now charging $200 plus for a beach wedding permit at a lot of locations , please check with our staff , who can advise you if the beach your looking at requires a permit.


The beauty of what we do, is to make your life as stress free as possible, we come to you , so if you book a beach hotel , villa , condo or house , we can set up right there on the beach for you, so all you have to do on the day , is relax , get dressed and walk out to us. We will already be set up waiting to go.   We typically meet you at the back of the property about 5-10 minutes before the aisle time. The minister will take the groom and guests out to the set up while the photographer waits for the bride to arrive. The photographer will then take a few a pictures of the bride, before bringing her out to us at the set up.  The ceremony takes place.

Once complete we will take a group picture of everyone there, then using the bride and grooms help narrow down and down through family to just themselves.  Its at that point we will typically take the bride and groom, plus their children if they have any, down to the waters edge for the remaining shots, so as to eliminate any other beach traffic, but more importantly to enable us to get a clear backdrop of the fantastic Florida Sunsets over the ocean.


After the photographer has completed their hour with you, we will then burn your images to a disc or thumb drive for you, before leaving you, so you have all your images instantly. All copyright free and with full printing right to you. We do then offer a full enhancement program once you have viewed all the pictures. Select the ones you really love and we can enhance them for you, where its just one or the whole shoot.


To book us is easy: we require just the $250 retainer, we instantly email out to you an invoice with receipt, a contract, full information on how to get your Florida Marriage License, as it generally has to be done in person, and a choice of ceremony’s for you to pick from.  We then contact you about 2 weeks before your wedding to go over everything with you including choice of ceremony, they are very flexible and can be altered to suit you, including writing your own vows, your color scheme for the decorated Arch, unity sand and fresh Rose petals. 


Its then at that time after we have finalized all the details with you that your balance is due just 7-10 days before your big day.


Its just that easy, a walk on the beach as so many of our clients have expressed to us juts how easy we made it for them.  We are always available to answer questions by both phone, email and text and try to respond very very quickly so you have the peace of mind of knowing the answer to that all important question as you think of it. 


You will have questions for us, please ask, we are here to help guide and make the planning of your Dream Beach wedding in Florida as easy as possible. 



Fl Destination Weddings
5 WEDDING PLANNING TIPS FOR GROOMS THAT WILL ACE THE DAY In the old days, the groom had two jobs. First, go down on his knees and propose to his girlfriend. Two, make sure the newly crowned fiancé gets all the financial support she needs to plan a seamless wedding.  Well, that was the deal back in the 20th century. Now, in the 21st century, especially 2019, grooms are getting more actively involved in the planning of their weddings. It takes two to tango, and you’ll require two to have a successful wedding day. But how do you do it? Well, you shouldn’t jump all in and start doing everything. There are 5 key ways that you, as a groom, can come in and rock your fiancé’s world by helping her plan an awesome wedding. So, read on to learn more. SPLIT THE WORKLOAD It makes no sense if both of you decide to crowd up doing the same task. For instance, while the bride is busy making sure the cake is done, you can be bent-up making sure the location is secured and all the logistics are taken care of.  Your fiancé will not only appreciate that you are taking some load off her back but by doing so, you’ll also be speeding up the whole planning process. More importantly, the  last-minute planning activities that still need to be done will be handled with a soberer mind, avoiding catastrophe on the last day. START WORKING ON THE WEDDING REGISTRY It’s so hard to figure out what your friends might bring you for your wedding gift. So why not  make a wedding registry?  A wedding registry will help you communicate what you preferably want to be gifted on your special day. You might already have a huge smart TV set that getting another one might be pointless.  Maybe you might be interested in camping gear, kitchenware or some specific home electronics. Make sure you communicate all that in the registry. CAREFULLY SELECT AND OVERSEE YOUR GROOMSMEN It’s your responsibility, as the groom, to ensure that the groomsmen’s list is on check and everyone is busy gearing up for the big day. Thus, you need to find the time, early enough, to  start choosing the groomsmen.  Most times, if the decision is tough for you, you can settle on the best man and have him help you select the rest of the pack. Once the list is done, you need to manage these folks and ensure they fit their suits, stay fit ready for the big day and keep them updated on the activities and schedule for the big day. CHOOSE THE GIFTS FOR THE GROOMSMEN AND BEST MAN Yes, the traveling expenses, accommodation, and food for the time they’ll be around you before the wedding will all fall on them. But how do you finally say thanks to the boys for sticking around? By gifting them. Which kinds of gifts exactly? Well, as far as the men go, jewelry and kitchenware don’t tick. Here are a few that might: Camping gear Who amongst your crew won’t love a night out in the wild, reminiscing old boyhood memories over a bottle of beer? Buying them camping gear might thus be the best choice of gifts for them. There are a  lot of options available to choose in the market, like this  Yeti Rumber Coaster. Bottle opener Wait, a bottle opener? Yes. How will you open those bottles of beer when you go for a boy’s night out after your honeymoon?  Despite looking so simple and casual,  a simple bottle opener might mean a lot to the boys. It might be treated as a commitment to maintaining the close ties, despite getting someone special in your life. Wristwatch A man’s style is crowned by his wristwatch. Thus, there’s no better way of giving thanks to the groomsmen and best man other than buying them a set of classic  wristwatches. However, be careful to select one that matches their styles best – most preferably, you can opt for different designs for each, based on their tastes. Shave and brush set One last thing that you can consider buying for your best man and the groomsmen is  a shaving kit. As long as they got their beard growing, they’ll be remembering the day they stood for you at the best moment of your life.  Is this all? Well, not really. As far as gifts go, you can select various items from a vast selection of online stores. And a pro tip: make sure you order these gifts early enough. Preferably a month before the wedding so that you can deal with any delivery hiccups that may arise. PLAN THE HONEYMOON Despite the 21st century demanding more from the groom as far as wedding planning is concerned, one unbroken rule all through the ages is that the groom must plan for the honeymoon. In most cases, the bride will prefer to be surprised by the location and dates of the planned vacation. But even if the bride gets involved, add some bit of excitement and plan excursions and fun activities that she won’t be aware of, until you set foot in the place. IN A NUTSHELL Planning a wedding involves more than you, as a groom, being there for your bride and helping her accomplish the large number of tasks she has. Apart from paying attention to the five tips given above, offering emotional support and an array of “I love you” to your bride can go a long way in making the day a success.
Fl Destination Weddings
We at Through The Lens Studios are always looking for ways to make life easier for our Brides & Grooms! A few years back we noticed some common things that all of our clients were still in search of and looking for a reliable company with the same top notch customer service that we offer. Our brides were in need of their Ceremony arch and decor as well as officiants who are professional and passionate about their role in the ceremony.  We set out to fill that need, in doing so FL Destination Weddings was created! FL Destination Weddings delivers your entire ceremony setup to any location you dream of! We provide multiple arch options, various decor arrangements and colors, chairs, music, special ceremony additions such as unity sand and amazing officiants who have performed hundreds of ceremonies. The whole ceremony set up is arranged with photographic perfection in mind! Being photographers we have an eye for detail, this lends to gorgeous setups not only in person but in your images as well! We also love that the complete ceremony team is there and on the same page at the same time! We travel together as a well oiled team with minister, photographer and all decor items meaning there will be no vendor mishaps on your big day! We think wedding planning should be fun and stress free, a “Walk In The Park” as we call our most simple package we offer! ( starting at $299) Through The Lens Studios & FL Destination Weddings are the perfect team for your Florida Wedding! TTL Studios Photography has been capturing memories for over 20 years! Our style is one of creating a photojournalistic storybook of your wedding. For more information, go to our web site or call (844) 581-7427.
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Weddings can be expensive events to plan, especially if you and/or your spouse has a large family. This becomes especially true for couples planning destination weddings, which can often make guests worry about costs for the big day. However, not all weddings need to break the bank. We’ve laid out some tips on how you can save money for your wedding. Airfare – While flying first class or purchasing other amenities can make a flight quite enjoyable, they’re not necessary. Sacrificing luxuries like expensive meals, drinks, or seating can dramatically lower your costs. Booking at the right time can also help cut costs on airfare (during the week versus on weekends). Invites – An option that is both eco-friendly and guaranteed to save you money is to use electronic invites in lieu of stationary. Digital invites also allow you to include more details and the bonus of being able to send updates if necessary. Decorations – With beach wedding packages, you’re already surrounded by a beautiful landscape with stunning natural light and a great vibe. This gives you the ability to keep your decorations light, saving you money and letting the location speak for itself. Another way to save money for your big day is by utilizing the service of destination wedding planners. With Florida Destination Weddings, you can get all your planning done with one company for a very competitive price – all customizable to your tastes. Contact us today for more information.
Fl Destination Weddings
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After getting most of the planning done for your big day, it can be irritating to know there are certain things you can’t completely plan for your beach wedding like the weather or how your skin is going to look that day. However, you can start a beauty regimen in anticipation of the ceremony to give your skin its best shot at glowing when you’re at the altar. Read below for a beauty regimen you can follow leading up to your destination wedding in Florida. 1 Year Before – Go to a dermatologist and determine what products and medications will best suit your skin so you can start using the right products. 9 Months Before – Settle on your skincare routine, including what products you use, including washes and lotions you use on your body. 6 Months Before – Consider a teeth whitening treatment if you believe you could use one and stop drinking red wine to avoid any damage to your pearly whites. Drinking coffee through a straw would also be a good idea to keep your teeth stain-free. 3 Months Before – Cut back on your sugar intake as much as possible so your skin has time to adjust and clear up in the months leading up to the ceremony. 1 Month or Less Before – Stop your alcohol consumption altogether to help your skin and body be their healthiest. Assess any possible tan lines and utilize professional spray tan services or at home lotions to even out complexion. With these tips in mind, plus healthy diet and exercise, you’ll be looking and feeling your best on your big day. 
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Wedding registries are a great way to help guests pick out items knowing that you’ll appreciate them and prevent you from getting 10 of the same item. They take the guesswork out of shopping for gifts and can even offer certain discounts. To get the most out of your registry, there are a few things to keep in mind and some research you should do. Register at more than one store By registering at several stores, you allow your guests more to choose from and more ways to get you a personal gift. You can also hope to be more surprised by your wedding gifts and have more unique pieces that if the selection was restricted to one store. Select items with a wide range of price points While you don’t want to ask every guest at your wedding to shell out some major money for your registry, there are certain family members that are going to want to do that. Including gifts in your registry of varying price points allows your guests more freedom and comfort. After all, you don’t want to embarrass your guests by asking them to get a gift they can’t afford. Set it up early Don’t wait until the last minute to get your registry set up, as that will leave your guests scrambling at the last minute to find presents! Doing your research early on and selecting your registry gives your guests a comfortable amount of time to find the right gifts. Keep these tips in mind when you’re planning your destination wedding in Florida to make the most of your registry for both your sake and your guests’!
Fl Destination Weddings
You want your wedding to run as seamlessly as possible, and we can help. In order to ensure a stress-free, enjoyable event, it’s important to plan ahead of time to avoid any issues the day of. Especially for beach weddings, there are a lot of factors you may have to plan for that you wouldn’t have to indoors. We’ve previously touched on a few of these reasons, here are some more to help you out: Avoid heels For anyone who was interested in wearing heels for the wedding – think again. High heels and sand unfortunately do not go well together, so encourage guests to consider options like flat-soled sandals, wedges, or another form of shoe that won’t sink and get stuck in the sand. Provide shade Even in a dress, the beach can sometimes be unbearably hot when the sun is beating down on you. To avoid guests getting impatient or dehydrated, set up areas of shade like a canopy over the seating area where those at the wedding can take a break from the sun. Offer refreshments In the same note, make sure to have plenty of liquids to keep you and your guests hydrated. Offer things like water, lemonade, and maybe a cocktail or two so attendees can quickly stop by, refresh and keep enjoying the ceremony. If you’re interested in a beach wedding and need help sorting through destination wedding packages, come to We’ll help you create your perfect day.
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Beach weddings in Florida can be beautiful affairs that will make lasting memories for all involved. However, there are some major and minor differences between an indoor wedding and one occurring on a beach. For this reason, there are few things to keep in mind to ensure your beach wedding runs as smoothly as possible. Think about privacy You want your friends and family at your wedding ceremony, but you probably don’t want the general public crowding the event. Public beaches can be quite crowded, especially on holiday weekends. So be careful when picking a date and deciding between which private or public beach you’d like to have the ceremony at. Use the natural beauty to your advantage There are a lot of benefits to having outdoor weddings, one of the biggest being that nature provides its own beautiful decorations. On a beach, you already have the sand, sky, and beautiful ocean as your backdrop. Instead of loading up on other decorations, highlight the natural beauty of your setting. Think about time of day Weddings are photographed to remember forever, for both the happy couple and their guests. Natural, outdoor lighting can lend itself to stunning images, if you’re careful about what time of day you’re snapping pictures. The hours before sunset often photograph well, so a later ceremony could be good for pictures and allow a beautiful view of sunset.
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Vow renewals are joyous celebrations of the love between two individuals that can occur any number of years into a marriage. With divorce rates for new marriages rising, vow renewals become even more celebratory and rare. There are a variety of reasons a couple may choose to say “I do” a second time and in a previous blog we’ve touched on a few of the most common ones. Here are a couple more: Formal ceremony Sometimes, two people are so in love they just can’t wait to get their lives started with one another and end up eloping or making a quick trip to the courthouse for the nuptials. While they may not regret this quick marriage, down the line they may regret not having certain family and loved ones there to celebrate. Vow renewals allow those joined in quick marriages to have a formal ceremony with friends and family. Love Above all else, one of the best and simplest reasons to renew vows is because of love. Sometimes, two people very much in love can fall out of it with time, but there are always couples that defy this and love each other more each and every day. Vow renewals are a great way to celebrate this happy and successful union. If you and your significant other are thinking about renewing your vows and are considering a destination wedding of sorts, turn to FL Destination Weddings. We have a variety of Florida beach wedding packages to choose from and will help you create an unforgettable event.
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Unfortunately, divorces are becoming more prominent in society; with around 40 to 50% of first marriages ending in one. However, that doesn’t discourage people from joyously marrying their significant others or even saying “I do,” a second time around. Couples choose to renew their vows for a variety of reasons, but either way, vow renewals give couples the opportunity to form another fond, loving memory to share. Here are some of the most common reasons couples decide to renew their vows. Financial Stability Often, young couples don’t have the extra funds to have the wedding of their dreams. This can result in a variety of outcomes from the bride not having her dream dress to the couple not being able to invite as many people as they’d like. Later on, spouses may find themselves more financially stable, allowing them to renew their vows with their dream ceremony. Milestone Anniversary As mentioned above, divorces are on the rise. This gives even more reason to celebrate a 1st, 5th, 10th or 20th anniversary! When a couple has reached one of these milestone anniversaries, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate their love and unity with family and friends. Inclusion of New People A lot of couples get married before they have started a family together, or before meeting lifelong friends they wish they could’ve had at their nuptials. Vow renewals allow couples to include their children in the ceremony or even have people who couldn’t make the original wedding. If you and your significant other are considering a vow renewal, what better way to do it is there but a sunny beach destination? Consider a destination wedding in Florida for your second “I do,” for an unforgettable experience.
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Welcome to our blog! Our team at FL Destination Weddings has been in the wedding industry for 30 years. Our team of professionals is dedicated to bringing you the weddings of your dreams, from start to finish. We noticed the demand for beautiful, destination weddings and a way to make them more affordable and accessible to the public. Our in-house services include music, photography, flowers and more. We don’t sub contract any of the work for your big day to ensure that the ceremony runs effortlessly and that you don’t have to break the bank to get the wedding you want. In addition, if you don’t see something in one of our packages that you want, we will take the steps to create a more customized package for your preferences. We’ve serviced weddings in most of Florida’s state parks and beaches, but that doesn’t mean we exclusively work outdoors. We’ve also held ceremonies at restaurants, vacation rental homes, and if you’d like, we could even arrange a beautiful ceremony in your living room!  When you’re looking to create the wedding of your dreams with a destination wedding in Florida, turn to We’ll be with you every step of the way, ensuring you a beautiful, romantic experience to share with those you love.

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